fevereiro 12, 2017

Coffee Hunting 2016/17 – Paraná Quality Competition 2016

Now it was the turn of the Paraná Quality Competition 2016. Georgia was part of the body of jury tasters of specialty coffee microlots that will […]
fevereiro 12, 2017

Coffee Hunting 2016/17 – 4th Cerrado Mineiro Quality Competition

Georgia was part of the judging panel for the IV Cerrado Mineiro Quality Competition. Great expectation for microlots with high scores! The Lucca will once again […]
fevereiro 11, 2017

Selection of Lots of the Cerrado Mineiro 2015 Contest, with Visit to the Farms

Georgia participated in the jury group that selected the coffees for the Cerrado Mineiro 2015 Competition. During the period, the Federation gave jurors the opportunity to […]
fevereiro 9, 2017

Cup of Excellence Late Harvest 2015

In the Cup of Excellence Naturals, the best coffees of late harvest are selected. Carolina and Georgia were judges in the national phase and Carolina participated […]
fevereiro 9, 2017

Quality Award Cafuso Ucc Mountains of Espirito Santo 2013

Georgia and Carolina participated as tasters in the 8th Cafuso UCC Quality Award for coffee in the Mountains of Espírito Santo.
fevereiro 4, 2017

Coffee Hunting – The Hunting of the Best Coffees of The 2012/13 Season Begins

Now the first lots of coffees from this year’s harvest are starting to be ready. It is the time to go in search of awarded microlots, […]
fevereiro 4, 2017

Carolina Certified as Q Grader

Carolina after being a two-time Brazilian Cup Taster winner and fourth in the world championship, has now achieved the “Q” Grader certification.
fevereiro 4, 2017

Scae Fair 2011 Maastricht

Lucca attended the special coffee fair organized by the SCAE – Special Coffee Association of Europe in 2011 at Maastericht in the Netherlands.
fevereiro 3, 2017

Cup of Excellence Guatemala 2009

Georgia participated as a judge in the Cup of Excellence Guatemala 2009.
fevereiro 3, 2017

2008 Scae Fair – Kopenhagen

Lucca participated in the Special Coffee Fair in Kopenhagen – Denmark, organized by the SCAE – Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.