coffee hunter

fevereiro 13, 2017

Coffee Hunting 2016/17 Cerrado Mineiro Lavrinha Farm

Lucca goes to Cerrado Mineiro to choose microlots of special coffees for purchase. A pantry of coffees at full load.
fevereiro 12, 2017

Coffee Hunting 2016/17 – Paraná Quality Competition 2016

Now it was the turn of the Paraná Quality Competition 2016. Georgia was part of the body of jury tasters of specialty coffee microlots that will […]
fevereiro 10, 2017

Coffee Hunting – Pilar Farm of the Pioneer North of Paraná

A journey to the Pioneer North of Paraná, picking and tasting samples of microlots in the Pilar Farm. New fermentation tanks for washed coffees.
fevereiro 9, 2017

Coffee Hunting – Pereira Sisters Farm In Carmo de Minas

It was at this visit to the Pereira Sisters Farm, in the Region of Mantiqueira de Minas, that Carolina defined the process for her champion coffee, […]
fevereiro 9, 2017

X Minas Gerais Coffee Quality Contest / Emater Mg – 2013

Georgia and Carolina participated in the X State Contest Quality Coffees of Minas as tasters. One of the most important competitions in the country, the largest […]
fevereiro 4, 2017

Cup of Excellence Brazil 2012

Carolina this year was selected for the national selection phase that took place in Varginha, MG. There were 25 tasters who attended the event. In this […]
fevereiro 4, 2017

Coffee Hunting – Pilar Farm / North Of Paraná

Georgia and Carolina were at the Pilar Farm in northern Parana to taste the coffees of this harvest. Check out the images of this extraordinary producer […]