Bold Bake, Not Burnt!

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outubro 22, 2017
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dezembro 10, 2017

A natural fermentation bread, made with suitable flours, has a completely different structure from a conventional bread, made with generic flours and with biological or chemical yeasts. Sourdough retains an enormous amount of water, which is all released when it is roasted. Thats how the famous alveoli are made, from the crust of the artisan breads of natural fermentation.

So, for the crumb to stay in perfect texture and flavor, the outer layer of the bread needs to withstand the high temperatures of the kiln, for as long as it takes. But in the end everything works out. The caramelized shell, slightly reddish in shades ranging from hazelnut to gold, combined with the high, slightly burnt lashes, make a devastatingly appetizing image.

Above a very good looking bread, but who knows if its interior is not really at the ideal point. Below is a loaf of bread, perfect for the bakers of the natural fermentation school, but perhaps a bit burnt for the unsuspecting consumer, influenced by the large-scale industrialized bread culture of conventional bakeries.

Do not be afraid, at the first bite the fear of the burt part will disappear. The crunchiness of the peel, mixed with the soft and light texture of the crumb, the roasted flavors along with the sweet taste of the bread will make anyone forget about the "burnt".

The natural fermentation breads follow their own logic. The appearance of the shell is always appetizing, caramelized, shiny, but some parts appear burnt. Find out why!

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