New Lucca Menu by Celso and Gabriela Freire

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setembro 30, 2017
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setembro 30, 2017

Lucca's new menu concept has emerged with the relationship between two families. The renowned Chef Celso Freire is the uncle of Eduardo Freire Feliz, the master baker of Lucca. Gabriela Freire, Celso's daughter, has worked with her father since she was a child and studied gastronomy in Switzerland, with a specialty in breakfasts. Celso and Gabriela developed the menu based on a main ingredient: sourdough bread.

Gabriela says that consulting is something that the Freire never do, because things are becoming deformed over time. But at Lucca, because of the proximity to the family, things will last.

The new menu features tatines, salads and soups, sandwiches. Tartines are a type of open sandwich that offers a real meal on the bread. There are six different types, each made in a specific bread, produced daily by Eduardo Freira Feliz. The idea of Celso Freire and Gabriela, was to resume the focus of the house in the coffee. Create a menu based on natural fermentation breads through the idea of a brunch available throughout the day.

Six options of tartines were created, lamb with chickpeas, Pastrami with rustic potato salad, Gorgonzola nuts and dried fig, arugula tomato and buffalo mozzarella, salmon with cheese and green apple and croque madame.

The soups are three: onion, potage of potatoes and of course, could not miss a pancotto. All accompanied by a large slice of natural fermentation bread, of course!

In addition, it also has a variety of sandwiches with grilled bread and hot cheese, bauru and a classic curitibano, the Ambulant, two thick slices of Italian bread with filet mignon and onion sauce inside.

Could also not out miss on classic choices for breakfast, such as sliced bread with butter, or with extra accompaniments such as honey, jam and cream cheese. Hot eggs, scrambled eggs and omelets are also on the menu. Even a classic and chic breakfast, the English Breakfast.

The menu entered like a glove, to accompany the more than 30 types of coffees hunted by Baristas and Coffee Hunters Georgia and Camila. The menu can be harmonized with different types and profiles of coffees.

Now Lucca has the menu of tartines, soups and sandwiches signed by the renowned chefs Celso and Gabriela Freire.

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