Coffee Hunting 2017/18 – V Cerrado Mineiro Quality Competition

Sic – International Coffee Week / Bh 2017
dezembro 10, 2017
Coffee Hunting 2017/18 – São Francisco Farm
dezembro 10, 2017

Once again it was Savassi Certification that coordinated the tasting and formed the team of judges. For Georgia, being a tasting judge is a great opportunity to practice Coffee Hunting. And also a chance to meet old companion tasters.

In the category of Peeled Cherry, the first place went to Fausto Velloso of São Luiz Farm, from Carmo do Paranaíba. The coffee of the Red Catuaí variety obtained 89.08 points. The second place in the category went to the Ferrero Family of the Pântano Farm in Patos de Minas. The Red Bourbon scored 88.33 points. The third place went to the Naimeg Family, which earned 88.25 points

In the Natural category, the champion was Evandro Sanchez from Dois Irmãos Farm also from Coromandel, with 90.23 points. The second place went to Ismael de Andrade from São Silvestre Farm in Serra do Salitre. The lot scored 91.54 points. The third place went to Érika Urban Rodrigues, from Sobro Farm in Coromandel, with 90.04 points.

Year by year quality has increased in the Cerrado Mineiro Competition. In this edition there were 3 lots with more than 90 points and three lots with more than 88 points. An amazing selection that is available at Lucca's online store!

For the fifth consecutive year, Lucca buys the Champion microlots of the Cerrado Mineiro Quality Competition. This year with several coffees above 90 points!

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