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In the work field, especially in times of crisis, everyone knows that it is difficult to find a job. Thinking about that, is was in 2010 that Caparaó Jr. was created. A company formed by college students graduating in coffee technology with headquarters in the Federal Institute of Espirito Santo (Ifes) campus of Alegre, the company became a reference in providing services in the area of coffee-growing and now has more than 1,700 customers.

In addition to providing the student with experience, Caparaó Jr. has managed to attract more and more coffee growers to its services. These services have the best cost benefit, since it is a non-profit company. Monitoring of soil fertility with soil analysis and fertilizer recommendation and advice on coffee quality are the junior company's main services;

In 2013, Caparaó Jr. started to contribute with training projects to enable coffee growers to start investing in the production of differentiated coffees, adding value to the product, installing turners and family coffee shops, supplying roasted and ground coffee, and participating in regional, national and international events.

Since 2016, Caparaó Jr. has used the campus's coffee grading and tasting laboratory, which, in addition to providing training to students and the community, can receive coffee samples from the region, in order to classify them and take them to a market superior to the commodity.

Many producers like our old acquaintance and partner Antonio Lacerda had guidance from Caparaó Jr and obtained surprising results.

On a visit to Lucca, Prof. Pavesi tells us a little about the proposal of Caparaó Jr. Learn more about this interesting proposal.

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