On the Threshold of the Fourth Wave of Coffee

Rio Brilhante x Lucca – Exercising the 4th Wave of Coffee
abril 8, 2017
2017 Brazilian Brewers Cup Championship
junho 20, 2017


We feel that we are participating in the growth of a movement that can be a milestone in the history of the specialty coffee sector. Let's follow what has happened throughout our history to understand.


With 15 years of experience in competitions, 14 titles in Brazilian Championships, 13 Regional Championships, 2nd place in the Latte Art World Championship, 4th place in the World Championship of Cup Tasters, 5th place in Brewers and 4th Place in the World Championship of Coffee in Good Spirits, this was our journey. Over the years we have seen that the WBC scheme - World Coffee Events, the organization responsible for organizing competitions around the world, fulfills its role. The baristas' improvement in competitions is real and of course is applied in the coffee shop, the preparation of the drinks has an incredible quality gain. The consumer is enjoying it.


We hunt the best microlotes of specialty coffees from each crop annually. We personally go to the farms to choose the coffee. This year we have more than thirty labels, from the most diverse Brazilian regions. We started in 2002 with a producer chosen from each producing region, working on the idea of coffees with origin. In 2006, we shared a lot of the Cup of Excellent Brazil, it was our first microlot. Today we have almost thirty microlots being roasted twice a week.


Lucca was awarded eight consecutive times by Veja Magazine - Best in the City, and three times by the Gazeta do Povo Newspaper's Good Gourmet. The spontaneous media has always been intense. Currently, we share the prestige with other partner coffee shops that practice the concepts of specialty coffees, that is, third wave coffee shops.


For more than 15 years we have lived the exchange relationship intensely with our friends and clients. Through courses and workshops we convey the concept of the world of specialty coffees. In contrast coffee lovers tell us their preferences and tell us about their experiences with coffee. We are receiving antennas of sensory aspirations.


We personally know almost every producer from whom we buy coffee. We visited the property, we did cuppings with almost all of them. We talked a lot about the difficulties of the industry, about quality and internal market, about the dreams and aspirations that they have. It is a fascinating exchange of experience, without cultural barriers.


Speak the same language as the producers. Live in the same country. Bei able to make a car trip to the producing regions. Receive the microlots per carrier within a few days. Likewise, receive the visit of producers in our cafeteria. Have the presence of the producers at tastings, to talk about their coffees directly to customers. How many roasters in the world would like this condition?


Going for all statistics on the Brazilian coffee market, we believe that we can also be the largest consumer of specialty coffee in the world. Over these years, we witnessed an accelerated consumption growth, but in moderate absolute values. Accelerated, because we know that third wave coffee shops do a very efficient educational work with the final consumer. But the size of consumption is still moderate, as there are few active coffees. However, the prospects are promising and it is possible that Brazil is a large consumer market for specialty coffees.


Only in a country like Brazil, with its prodigious nature, with a tremendous amount of microclimates, along with with high-level agriculture, we get coffee with the diversity and quality like no other place from the world. Being so close to this environment, it is natural to exchange experiences with the producers to determine the processes and methods to obtain coffee that the lovers are looking for. This exchange of experience that begins in the crop, goes to the final consumer and back to the farm, makes the ascending spiral of quality more and more intense.

We have this privilege in our hands. The Direct Trade so sought after by overseas partners is so easy and natural for us. Producers have never been so close to customers. Perhaps this is not only our vocation, but also our mission.

How can we describe a new movement in the specialty coffee sector that joins the extremes of the coffee chain? Can Brazil be the main protagonist of this movement?

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