Paraná State Competition / Iapar – Emater – 2013

Cerrado Mineiro Region 2013 Award
fevereiro 4, 2017
Barista Regional Championship 2004
fevereiro 5, 2017

The most experienced tasters in the region select the best lots of coffee in Paraná. The Champion will represent the state in the National Contest, in the categories Cherry Peeled, Natural and Microlot. Below the team of tasters, coordinated by Nelson Menoli of EMATER / PR. The competition took place in October at the IAPAR laboratory in Londrina. Georgia tasted along with her former teammates Rogério Alves, Nelson Menoli, Brígida Scholz, Sidney Araujo, Sergio Rodrigues, Osvaldo, Joana D'Arc, Romeu and others. .

The Paraná State Quality Competition selects the best microlots from each municipality and elects the champion coffee for the National Contest.

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