The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Coffee Hunting 2017/18 – Forquilha do Rio
dezembro 10, 2017
Autoral Coffee Project | Cerrado Mineiro
dezembro 19, 2017

It all started with the Autoral Coffee Project of Cerrado Mineiro. The project aims to connect baristas to producers in the Region. The baristas, in the project, go to the farm to harvest and prepare together, exclusive lots, thus generating an exchange of experiences between these two protagonists of the coffee chain.

Georgia and Camila's visit to the Bom Jardim Farm, happened during the harvest, that is, in front of many lots of coffee being processed. Naturally, impelled by the spirit of a coffee hunter, Georgia tasted many batch samples. That was when he came across a very different coffee. Making a small parenthesis in the Autoral Coffee Project, she asked Osmar Nunes if she could keep some sacks from that lot. Osmar said that the lot would be reserved for a quality contest, but that they could give the mocha sieve of the lot.

And so the project continued. Months later, that batch that Georgia picked was nothing less than the first place in the Cup of Excellence Brazil 2017 and was auctioned for $ 55,500 a bag by importers who took the beans to Japan and Australia. The accomplishments are of Gabriel and Osmar Nunes, father and son, respectively, who run together 390 hectares of coffee. The lot of yellow bourbon, competed in the stripped category and reached the score of 92.3.

By buying the lot before the contest, Lucca garanteed a price much lower than the payment at auction, so the coffee is sold at the same price range of other drinks in the house.

This coffee is available at Lucca in Curitiba, or at our online store.

It all started during the Autoral Coffee Project of Cerrado Mineiro. That’s when Georgia tasted a sample of the batch that would soon be the most expensive coffee in the world!

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