Coffee Hunting – Northern Pioneer of Paraná – Pilar Farm

Fergap Roasting Control System
abril 2, 2018
Wheat Hunting – Moageira Irati – Paraná
julho 16, 2018

This year there were several batches that broke paradigms regarding conventional post-harvest processes. Fermentation gained ground, not only for the demux function, but to add sensory attributes to batches.

The lots were harvested from the beginning in a suitable way, to have a more precise segregation in the varieties and the maturation, allowing the separation of lots with vocation for natural processes and for peeleing. The peeled were the focus of this harvest, being prepared with alternative processes of fermentation to improve the quality of the drink.

The fermentation, until a few years ago, was used only to demotivate, that is, to release the pulp faster, or mucilage of the grain, for a more efficient and safe drying in the yard. Our partner and friend Marco Cravo, learned that the fermentation in addition to improving the drying condition, also interferes in the grain by changing quality atributes. This year we will have several fermented lots, with unusual flavors. So the term "Creatures" for these unconventional lots, for the reality of the Northern Pioneer of Paraná.

Begins the search period of the best coffees in Brazil. Now is the beginning of the appearance of lots of the 2017-2018 harvest. We were at Pilar Farm to follow the processes and taste the first lots.

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