Coffee Quality Paraná | Competition 2017

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setembro 30, 2017
Bold Bake, Not Burnt!
outubro 28, 2017

Lucca's main coffee hunter and coffee tester was once again invited to join the jury group of the Competition: Coffee Quality Paraná organized by Emater / PR. The tastings were coordinated by the experienced taster Francisco Barbosa Lima of Londrina. The tastings of the microlote samples were carried out in the premises of Iapar in Londrina. The award was handed out at Ficafé - International Fair of Special Coffees of the Northern Pioneer of Paraná in Jacarezinho.

Speaking as a coffee hunter, Georgia said that this year in particular, Paraná contributed a lot to the fact that Lucca maintained the position of the Largest Collection of Special Coffee Microlots in Brazil, because the coffees were sensational. This year, Lucca will have five microlots from Paraná, all with more than 85 points.

Brazil’s largest coffee hunting is still active. At this stage Georgia was a jury in the Paraná Quality Competition 2017. Great opportunity for coffee hunting in 2017.

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