Coffee Hunting – Labareda Farm / Alta Mogiana

Coffee Hunting – Pilar Farm / North Of Paraná
fevereiro 4, 2017
Coffee Hunting – Água Santa Farm / Alta Mogiana
fevereiro 4, 2017

The Labareda Farm from Gabriel and Flávia Oliveira, also belongs to the region of Alta Mogiana, and is certified by AMSC - Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee. The farm has a few structures in the region, specialized in typical natural coffee of Alta Mogiana. Flavia and Gabriel work every day to improve the quality of their coffees and the recognition of their region. The result of so much work is not in vain, every year they are well classified in the Coffee Quality Competition of Alta Mogiana.

Carolina visited the Labareda Farm, also in the region of Alta Mogiana. It is one of the most important specialty coffee producers not only in the region, but in Brazil.

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