Coffee Hunting – Fortaleza Environmental Farm / Mococa Sp

Coffee Hunting – Água Santa Farm / Alta Mogiana
fevereiro 4, 2017
Cup of Excellence Brazil 2012
fevereiro 4, 2017

The Fortaleza Environmental Farm is already known for the quality of its organic coffees. The Crocce Family is proud of the achievement. The farm is divided into two styles of coffee cultivation, the active, which would be the conventional management of organic and the passive, in which the coffee feet can be confused with the ecosystem of the native forest. With production limited to 600 bags per year of specialty coffees, they confirm the concept of low productivity to guarantee quality and excellence in flavor. The coffees are mostly natural, dried in suspended yards for a uniform drought, guaranteeing sweetness, complexity and fruity notes. Lots from high scores of 85 going up to wonderful 94 points are their strong point and goals every year! Only tasting to evaluate these very particular coffees.

On this trip it was time to explore the organic coffees with the Crocce family. Naturals always surprise with sweetness.

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