Coffee Hunting – Espírito Santo – Zuccon

2017 Brazilian Brewers Cup Championship
junho 20, 2017
Coffee Hunting – Alto do Caparaó – Forquilha do Rio Farm
julho 9, 2017

If someone has visited Lucca for more than a year, knows that we are fans of Santa Clara Farm. There are 7 different microlots from the property: three from 2015 and four from 2016 - these affectionately nicknamed Super White, Chocolate, Olympics and Georgia. The last one was named after the owner of Lucca who handpicked her lots every year.

Located in the Espirito Santo Mountains, Santa Clara Farm was run by Edmar and Ivone Zuccon for many years. The couple's skills, dedication and passion for coffee show the flawless outcome in the coffee cup. Their son Bruno is following the path of his parents, working with his family, studying agronomy and acquiring the title of Q-grader.

This year the Zucon family decided to reduce the area of the farm and focus more on quality. They are experienced in processes of post-harvesting, such as double fermentation, which results in high-complexity coffees and better sensory quality. They work with selective manual harvesting and Ivone runs a very skillful crop group, some with more than 10 years of experience. Every detail of the farm is planned and done with much whim. In early 2017, Edmar decided to reduce the area of the farm, they were now with a smaller property, called Marapé Farm.

In the new property, a new processing plant was built, all planned and calculated by Edmar. The intention was to process the coffee in an ecological and sustainable way, with very low consumption of water and reuse all the waste. By reducing the volume of production, they can pay more attention on producing high-quality batches. They estimate that 80% of total production is from specialty coffees - far above the average in the country.

Siezing the visit to the region of Alto Caparaó, where the Brazilian Aeropress Championship took place, Camila and Carolina made another visit to friends Edmar and Yvone Zuccon, in Venda Nova do Imigrante, in the mountains of Espírito Santo.

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