Coffee Hunting – Cerrado Mineiro 2017

Bold Bake, Not Burnt!
outubro 28, 2017
Sic – International Coffee Week / Bh 2017
dezembro 10, 2017

Cerrado Mineiro has been a prominent region as the target of our mining. The relationship that started several years ago has lasted with these partners. Despite the intense mining of microlote specialty coffees in several other regions, the batches presented by the old partners always surprise.

Above, the team at Rio Brilhante Farm, with very attractive samples. Now with Felippe Pacheco, captaining the laboratory and making appear Champion batches.

Below, Francisco Guimarães, from Quinta de Guimarães, from Serra do Salitre.

Not only of the coffee lives the producer! Let Tiago de Castro Alves of Barinas Farm say, before a happy hour with Italian red wines and a selection of cheeses with Geographical Indications of Minas. In no other place than the proper Farm, watching the sunset in Araxá.

On this trip Georgia visits partners of the farms: Rio Brilhante, Guimarães Farm and Barinas. Many samples have been tested and new microlots will be offered to Lucca’s coffee lovers.

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