Coffee Hunting – Água Santa Farm / Alta Mogiana

Coffee Hunting – Labareda Farm / Alta Mogiana
fevereiro 4, 2017
Coffee Hunting – Fortaleza Environmental Farm / Mococa Sp
fevereiro 4, 2017

Agua Santa Farm is part of the CBI Estate Coffees Group. It is a property with excellent structure and organization. Lots are checked as in the photo below. The traceability is complete. The property is located in Alta Mogiana and is part of the AMSC - Alta Mogiana Estate Coffees, which annually holds a quality competition for coffees and a subsequent auction. The tasters Calixto Peliciari and Julio Ferreira accompanied the visit at the Farm and organized the "cupping". In the photos Carolina appears next to natural coffees and peeled cherries in the yard. Below, Paulo Eduardo and Rita Ribeiro Maciel pose with Carolina.

Carolina visited the Água Santa Farm and was welcomed by Paulo Eduardo Ribeiro Maciel and his wife.

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