Coffee Hunting 2017/18 – São Francisco Farm

Coffee Hunting 2017/18 – V Cerrado Mineiro Quality Competition
dezembro 10, 2017
Maristela of the São Francisco Ranch from Tomazina at Lucca
dezembro 10, 2017

Georgia is a traditional tasting judge of the competition Best Coffees of Paraná organized by Emater / PR. The tests this year were at Iapar in Londrina, and the award show was during the Ficafé - Special Coffees Fair of the Pioneer North of Paraná. It was during the event that Georgia met Maristela Fátima Souza and Family, and got to know about their production. .

Georgia was not only surprised by the quality of the coffee, but was also charmed by the work proposal for the production of this microlot. It is the women in the family who signed the coffee.

Maristela participates in the IWCA movement - International Alliance of Coffee Women Brazil, an institution that aims to inspire and encourage women who participate in the coffee chain through access to training, learning and information, as well as defends the reduction of barriers for woman, providing access to markets.

In the pictures, Maristela with her family during the harvest, in the São Francisco Ranch, supported by her husband Valdeir Luiz de Souza. Part of this microlot, which was the Champion in the Paraná State Contest and was also a National Winner of the Cup of Excellence Pulped Natural 2017, with no less than 88 points, was purchased by Lucca and is available for purchase in our online store.

For the first time we bought a microlot from Maristela de Souza, of the São Francisco Farm from Tomazina, Pioneer North of Paraná

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