Coffee Hunting 2016/17 – Cerrado Mineiro – Barinas Farm

Francisco Guimarães From Quinta dos Guimarães of Cerrado Mineiro
fevereiro 13, 2017
Team Barinas in a Campaign at Lucca
fevereiro 13, 2017

It was Mr. Alberto Castro Alves, who started the coffee culture on family property. Today, his son Marcio, and his grandson Tiago, continue their work, focused on specialty coffees of the highest quality.

We began our visit by being greeted by Márcio, who took us first to the old farmhouse where he lived as a child. It was surprising because the house is totally preserved, as the family lived in the past. The memories are all there, it is as if it were a small museum, but still with an air a home. Márcio's father was a prominent figure in Araxá and left his memory in a book.

This is not the only particularity of the farm. All the buildings follow an architectural line, which always unites the functionality, characteristics of the regional architecture by the use of local materials and styles. There is no discrimination in the quality of the finishing of the constructions, the same walls of Adobe and demolition boards are seen in dining rooms and in the family living house. The same architectural theme is present in everything, but as one would expect from Márcio's civil engineer training, he never overlaps with functionality.

Despite the present history, the region with privileged nature, on the slopes of the Serra da Canastra, the pointed eye of a coffee Hunter, just like Georgia´s, felt the quality potential of microlotes.

After a thorough inspection on the farm and also on the processing infrastructure, we went to check out the laboratory, working under the tutelage of Warley Oliveira, taster and former colleague from Georgia in quality contests for specialty coffees. Attached to the laboratory, there is a cafeteria that does not lose to any other that we know. It was one of the best espressos in portafiltro naked that we had. Of course it has to do with the microlot that Warley chose to serve us.

But it was the coffee tasting that crowned the trip. Incredible that in only 5 years of application of the concept of production of specialty coffees, the property has achieved so much quality and differentiation. Georgia's enthusiasm for the microlots was explained months later in the successive awards the farm won.

A great experience in this visit, besides tasting great microlotes, knowing the history of the region, the farm and the Castro Alvez family was exciting. See more details!

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