Carmocoffees – An Auction of Microlts to Stay in History

The Federal Institute of Machado and the Coffee Quality Contests
setembro 30, 2017
Coffee Quality Paraná | Competition 2017
outubro 22, 2017

It was during the First Coffee Roast Championship, organized by BSCA in Curitiba, that we received the invitation to attend the CarmoCoffees event. It was our longtime friend, Paulo Cesar Junqueira, better known as the PC who invited us. We were honored because we were the only Brazilians to participate in the event. The other guests were all foreigners who customarily buy microlots of specialty coffees from Brazil.

The event was called CARMO BEST CUP 2017 - TOP 30, it was an accomplishment of CarmoCoffees with Café Imports. The objective is to harvest the best coffees from new producers in the region and to provide a great opportunity to commercialize the microlotes of special coffees. The producers were invited to send samples of their best coffees to CarmoCoffes, who with their mega lab structure and a team of tasters of the best feedback, coded, organized the samples, toasted and tasted to find the finalists. More than 700 samples were received, to reach the TOP 30.

The quality of the coffees was impressive. Many samples with more than 90 points. No coffee with less than 87 points in the final phase, scored by the tasters / buyers themselves.

Café Imports, with CarmoCoffees, invited customers who buy high-quality coffees regularly. Tasters came from the USA, Korea, Japan, UK and several other countries. An auction was organized, with the presence of the producer, who followed the bids of his microlote. Adrenaline in the highest level! the first place was sold at USD 32.00 / pound, or more than R $ 13.418,00 a bag. Historic mark in a regional quality contest in Brazil.

Lucca bought one of the lots prepared by the Pedralava / MG unit, which processes coffee in an alternative and unprecedented way. The CarmoCoffeees unit of Pedalava is managed by the Coffee Maker Paulo Cesar, our PC. The lot is from the farm of friend Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira, partner of CarmoCoffees.

Another great opportunity that makes the life of Coffee Hunters easier!

Carmocoffees organized a sensational auction of microlots for Coffee Hunters. See more details of this event.

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