Lucio e Ana Cecília da São Luiz Estate Coffees visitam o Lucca

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The first time that Lucca bought a microlote from Fazenda São Luiz, it was in the Cerrado Mineiro contest of 2013, when they won the first place in the Peeled Cherry category. Last year, for the second time, the farm returned to be the champion in the category Peeled Cherry, with a score of 89.05 points. Anna Cecilia and brother Lúcio, were in Curitiba, Lucca, to conduct a tasting for connoisseurs and coffee geeks On the table was the entire 2017 Cerrado Contest champion lot and other samples from the same harvest.

The Veloso family saga began more than 100 years ago. Today Lucio and Ana Cecilia are the fourth generation of the family in the coffee farm. It was in the neighborhood of the city of Carmo do Paranaíba that Miguel Veloso decided to start his legacy in agriculture. Years later, his son Manoel Velloso dos Reis, known for his wisdom and entrepreneurship, took over the father's administration, multiplying business and strengthening the family's legacy. Always ahead of its time, his history is illustrated by visionary attitudes. He founded the first agricultural cooperative in Carmo do Paranaíba; was a pioneer in planting coffee in the Cerrado Mineiro region in the late 1960s; implemented the first drip irrigation project in the 1990s; and was also a pioneer in the process of peeling coffee in the region.

In 1979, the arrival of his son, a civil engineer, Fausto do Espirito Santo Velloso to Carmo do Paranaíba, played a fundamental role in the professionalization of agricultural operations, in the management of teams and in the improvement of the quality of the coffees produced. In 1998 a new story began. A page turn. Fausto and his children, Ana Cecília and Lucio, the fourth generation of the family, carry in the DNA the passion and enthusiasm for coffee, starting a new phase of valorization and continuous search in the production of a coffee of the highest quality.

Lucio and Ana Cecília Veloso, producers of specialty coffees from São Luiz Estate Coffees conduct cupping in Curitiba for connoisseurs in the Lucca laboratory.

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