Francisco Guimarães From Quinta dos Guimarães of Cerrado Mineiro

Coffee Hunting 2016/17 Cerrado Mineiro Lavrinha Farm
fevereiro 13, 2017
Coffee Hunting 2016/17 – Cerrado Mineiro – Barinas Farm
fevereiro 13, 2017

This time it was the opposite path. Instead of coffee hunting, the producers came to town. Retribution promised by the Guimarães family when we were at the Lavrinha Farm. Adauto, Beatriz and Francisco, presented the microlots of the crop. Now with the Coffee Actress - Collection Line, the microlots have gained even more prominence. The tasting was for a group Lucca guests, as usual. The benefit of this meeting was the purchase of a microlot of a not very common process that is passa descascado ?. As always, the process innovation is what makes us have all this diversity that enchants all the special coffee lovers.

Francisco Guimarães, his father Adauto and his mother Beatriz visited Lucca and also conducted a tasting with a group of customers who appreciate special coffees. See more information.

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