Farroupilha Group Staff Doing Barista Courses in Lucca

Coffee Hunting 2016/17 – Cerrado Mineiro – Rio Brilhante Farm
fevereiro 11, 2017
Coffee Hunting 2016/17 – Cerrado Mineiro – Naimeg Specialty Estate Coffee
fevereiro 11, 2017

The Rio Brilhante Farm staff made an immersion in barista world. The participated in courses of barista (espresso vaporization of milk), methods of filtered coffees, roasting and cuppings. This is part of the group's goal of getting to know the final customer. We at Lucca are a good sampling of the cafeteria/microtorrefaction profile that consumes specialty coffees and high scoring microlotes. It was an amazing experience for both parties.

Noé, Erika, Glauber and all the staff of the Rio Brilhante Farm, from the sectors of production, tasting, quality control, commercial and marketing, went out to take courses in Lucca to deepen into the ultimate end of the chain of specialty coffees.

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