Brazilian Championship Brewers and Barista 2012

South Brazilian Regional Championship Barista 2011
fevereiro 7, 2017
Brewers World Championship 2012 – Vienna
fevereiro 7, 2017

The 11th Brazilian Championship was held in São Paulo from March 12 to 14, 2012. The categories of Barista, Cup tasters and Brewers (preparation of filtered coffee) were disputed. Lucca won first place in Brewers with Carolina Franco de Souza, Graciele Rodrigues got the runner-up in Barista and the Brewers' runner was also with Carolina. The champions secured their participation in the World Cup which will take place in Vienna in Austrailia in July of this year

Lucca’s Baristas achieve first place in Brewers (Filtered Coffee Preparation), runner-up both in Barista and also, Cup Tasters (tasting) in the Brazilian Championship of 2012

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