Lucca Baristas Visit Farms

Emater Minas Gerais 2010
fevereiro 3, 2017
Cup of Excellence Colombia 2010
fevereiro 3, 2017

The baristas of Lucca made a trip to the South of Minas to visit 8 farms of partner producers. They started in the region of Alfenas to meet Passeio Farm, our friend Adolfo Ferreira, and Monte Alegre Farm, where they were welcomed by José Francisco and Jorge Menezes. Then they went to the Agronomic School of Machado, received by Prof. Leandro. Then it was Carmo de Minas's turn. There they visited Jaques Carneiro from Carmo Coffees and the Kaquend Farm of Ralf Junqueira. The Carmo Estate Farm could not be left out, in the municipality of Heliodora, the old partner Tulio Junqueira. The baristas visited the plantations, saw the coffees being benefited and tasted lots of different processes.

The baristas from Lucca made a trip to visit 8 farms of partner producers.

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