Cerrado Mineiro authoral coffee 2018 – Part I – The Invitation

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julho 16, 2018

The Cerrado Mineiro authoral coffee program went so well, that the idea of sharing the opportunity with other partners was natural. For a long time, Lucca has hand more opportunities to access microlotes than it can take advantage of. This year the idea came up of sharing this privilege with others who do not have easy access. In this case, it was with an old Australian friend, who now operates a coffee shop and roasting in Portland, Oregon, USA. It's Nolan Hirte, from Proud Mary.

Like last year's authoral coffee, Lucca accomplished with Bom Jardim Farm from the producers Gabriel and Osmar Nunes, and by design of the destination, Bom Jardim Farm was the first place in the competition of Cup of Excellence, where Nolan himself bought the winning lot, nothing more logical than inviting him to make this year's signature coffee.

Cerrado Mineiro, through its interlocutor Juliano Tarabal, Superintendent of the Federation of Producers of the Region, invited Georgia to serve as curator of the event. As we had known Nolan for some time, we went to Portland to tell what we did the year before in the Copyright Coffee Program and invited him to join the event.

We personally went to Portland to find Nolan and tell the program details. Nolan was ecstatic because a foreign roaster knows the difficulty of having access to the producers. The barriers are many, such as distance, travel costs, time required, cultural differences and everything. He understood it as a great opportunity to be able to do a lot along with the producer, in the way he feels it is necessary.

Cerrado Mineiro's Copyright Coffee Program is unprecedented, since it brings together the producer who has mastered the techniques of cultivation and processing, and the air porters to the roaster, so the four hands can elaborate a lot, defining harvesting systems and post harvest methods. The roaster understands exactly what end customers and connoisseurs want from a coffee shop. Thus the exchange of experiences allows a more efficient search in terms of quality and sensorial profile.

This year the Cerro Mineiro Copyright Coffee Program broke barriers and went abroad. Under the curatorship of Lucca through the relationship with Georgia, authoral coffee takes on a new dimension with the participation of Proud Mary USA’s Nolan Hirte, who bought the Cup of Excellence champion lot, the coffee that obtained the highest amount paid in the world.

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