Eduardo Freire Visits the Belarina Mill

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Patrícia Klein, responsible for the quality control of the flour produced by the Belarina Alimentos mill, received Eduardo Freire, Lucca baker, for a visit. Belarina is the main flour supplier for Eduardo. The tour began at the bins where grain arrives, then Patricia showed the series of mills and sieves, the bins of finished product and finally the packaging and shipping sector.

The mill belonged to the Guth family, one of the most traditional of the sector in Curitiba. It now belongs to two partner companies, Cantagalo General Grains, a leading Brazilian grain trading company, and Seaboard Corporation, a leading American company in the wheat milling industry. There was a remodeling in the production lines, with the acquisition of top-of-the-line equipment and process improvement. Luckily, the mill maintained its initial characteristics, low-scale production, product diversity and high quality. To our good fortune! Today Belarina has a line to meet the demand of high quality baking, where it fits artisanal baking of natural fermentation of high hydration.

One of the Belarine flours that Eduardo uses, has in the composition Argentine wheat and wheat of the north of Paraná, without additives for correction. This blend has a composition that reliably meets Eduardo's needs for sourdough artisan breads. The myth is that in Brazil there is no quality wheat for baking with a more elaborate concept has now fallen. What has always existed was the tendency of the milling industry to indiscriminately mix different origins of wheat and to formulate a small variety of mass-produced flours without typing.

Above the famous stone mill, which is absolutely necessary for the production of whole flour. In that mill, the grain of wheat is milled whole with the bark, and does not suffer separation. The incoming wheat comes out crushed at the end without sifting. This is the true wholemeal flour. Unfortunately current legislation allows to call wholemeal flour, the recomposed flour, in other words, add wheat bran (ground bark that was separated in the process of sieving) and add white flour. A serious sin in the eyes of natural fermentation baking.

Eduardo Freire, visits our main flour supplier, the Belarina Mill, in Curitiba. The one who received Eduardo was Patricia Klein, responsible for the quality control of Belarina.

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