Wheat Hunting – Moageira Irati – Paraná

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julho 16, 2018
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julho 16, 2018

Eduardo Freire, visited Moageira (milling machine) Irati, headed by Marcelo Vosnika, CEO of the company, which aims to meet the demand of special flours for the niche of slow, natural and high hydration fermentation baking. Exactly to meet the baking movement that began in San Francisco, and where Eduardo had the opportunity to learn.

Above, Eduardo meets with Marcelo and Juliana Vosnika, Ivo Chaves, commercial manager and the agronomist of the mill who works together with the wheat growing partners.

Moageira Irati is one of the few mills that is able to have a line of special flours, very different from what is understood as low quality commercial flours and mass production. Moageira Irati has been working with a number of regional producers for several years, doing what they call the "Origination" of wheat. That is, the miller provides the seeds of varieties chosen for each producer, who delivers the production and is received carefully by the mill to avoid mixing with other lots. Thus, Moageira obtains lots of wheat of the same variety and the same producer. It is the same concept that the certification of processes does in the specialty coffee sector, which has the origin of coffee a connotation of great importance.

Eduardo met with Tatiane Martins, quality supervisor of Moageira Irati, who determines the processes of wheat grinding and flour preparation. Eduardo and Tatiane will work together to prospect "terroirs" and varieties of wheat, which guarantee attributes required in the flour for baking with slow fermentation and high hydration.

The approach of a baker who adopts the concept of natural fermentation “sourdough” with a Brazilian mill is unprecedented! This exchange could be the beginning of a great movement in the search of Brazilian flour suitable for avant-garde baking.

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