Breads of Natural Fermentation by Eduardo Freire

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julho 9, 2017
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It was natural process when bread approached the coffee. The Feliz family has been friends with Lucca for generations. It was in an informal conversation that the idea of the production of homemade breads of natural fermentation inside Lucca arose.

Eduardo Freire Feliz is the third generation in the family wheat business. His grandparents had a wheat mill since the post-war. His father, Eduardo Feliz, continued in the industry supplying inputs and additives for the baking industry. It was in this environment that Eduardo Freire Feliz discovered the niche of breads made with natural yeast. He went to study baking in the United States in San Francisco, California. It was luck, fait or the work of destiny that made the families meet again and Eduardo Freire became our partner.

The concept of producing breads with natural fermentation, also called "sourdough" is very similar to that of specialty coffees. Both require a craftsman, who relies on original grains, which meet high quality standards, and apply elaborate techniques to offer the best results directly to their customers.

Coffe and bread. The oldest food made by man and the most consumed drink in the world and also in Brazil. The best of the two, you find daily in Lucca.

Coffe and bread! A new partnership emerges with a convergent concept to that of specialty coffees. Now natural fermentation breads, also known as “sourdough” are made daily at Lucca by artisan Eduardo Freire Feliz. Go.

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  1. Cristina disse:

    Adoraria saber os sabores e como façi para entrar em contato

  2. hinode disse:

    Excelente conteúdo. Obrigado por oferecer tanta informação de qualidade nesse site.

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