Fergap Roasting Control System

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Fernando Gappmayer Biscay is an old friend with more than 15 years of experience in the coffee segment. He was a mechanical engineer at Probat Leogap for more than 10 years. Fernando is the grandson of the founder of the company Leogap, and always had in his blood the love for the equipment used for coffee roasting. Currently he has a company called FERGAP, which seeks to offer technological solutions that are integrated with operation processes of its customers.

The need for the development of the FERGAP Roaster Control arose in a conversation with Georgia at the Lucca Specialty Coffees at the end of the year 2014. Georgia was looking for a way to register her roasting curves to replicate them more accurately. Georgia had not found a way that would suit their expectations, which was to keep track of the roast by recording the evolution in a chart of easy understanding and operation.

Fernando set out to research and after a few weeks, we found the Artisan software that presented a large possibility of uses for roasting control that met the demand. But the communication between roaster and software was still lacking. After two years of development, on October 20, 2016 the system was installed at the Lucca Special Coffees in Curitiba, on the roaster Probatone 5. Lucca was the first customer to purchase Probatone 5, produced in Brazil, with the german technology Probat. Lucca has always been at the forefront of equipment, technology and quality.

It was defined that in order to facilitate communication, there should be a Bluetooth communication between Roaster Probatone 5 and Control Roaster FERGAP, being recorded in the Artisan software. The reason for choosing Artisan software was that their developers have a lot of knowledge of the roasting process and are also passionate about coffee, like us. So it was possible to integrate the solutions.

The system was delivered as a prototype and was under review for one year prior to its launch to the market. Included in the system were additional controls to facilitate decisions for roasters, such as recording gas pressure on the roasting chart.


- The roaster must have a thermopath to send the temperature signal to the ControlRoasterFERGAP; (If not, it can be provided and installed)
- 110V or 220V socket to power the communication box;
- Computer with bluetooth to register the roasting curves;
- Install the Artisan software.
- Optional - flow meter


- Can be installed on any roaster brand
- For sample roasters
- For store roasters
- For industry roasters


- To start the operation it is necessary to power the system, open the software on the computer that will register the roast, pair the bluetooth for communication and perform the roasting as you always did.
- The software understands that you have dropped the coffee to the roaster and the only operation required at the end is to finalize the logging operation so that you can analyze the roasting curve and save it in your data bank. It is not necessary to be connected to the internet for system operation.

The system recognizes the beginning of the cycle when green coffee enters the cylinder. The roasting curve begins to be recorded every 3 seconds.

The system shows the lowest temperature point, or also, the break-even point of the temperature. From this point begins the drying phase of the grain. The blue dotted line indicates the tendency of the curve, which serves as an orientation for the operator, to increase or decrease the burner power.

The green line represents the drying phase of the grain. The system allows the indication of key points of the curve (time and temperature) of a roast reference, which serve as "targets" of the curve.

The lower blue curve is the representation of the gain of dough temperature per minute. The light blue curve is the reference curve.

The yellow area represents the Maylard reaction, or also, the caramellization stage. At the top of the screen, the system indicates time and percentage of the roast compared to the total cycle.

The gray line represents the development of the roast, that is the gap between the first and second crack. At the end of the cycle after the "drop", the curve is frozen to be saved on the computer.

The red line at the bottom of the graph shows the air temperature at the exit. To have this mark, the installation of a second thermopath is required. This case if the temperature was not being recorded.


- Simple system to be installed
- Bluetooth communication
- Software without renewal cost
- Client Database
- For new roasts, it is possible to use an old roast as background reference.
- Cursor of roast direction, in case it maintains the characteristics of temperature, besides each phase.
- A report for each roast, with complementary data from sensory tests.
- Comparison between roasts in report format.

The Fergap digital roasting control system was created and developed by the engineer Fernando Biscay along with Georgia to meet the demands of our roasting master. See how it all happened.

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