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The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association ) Educational Program has for many years formed baristas around the world in the areas of espresso and cappuccino, also called Barista Skills, filtered coffees and other brewing methods, also called Sensory Analysis- Sensory Skills, Roasting and Green Coffee Buyer. Each skill branch has three levels, Fundamental, Intermediate and Professional. All specialty areas are preceded by the Introduction to Coffee module. The program is very well structured, and fully capacitates to the baristas who follow the sequence. See the program description in detail by accessing the link SCA International Certification Program

Lucca has formed thousands of baristas over more than 15 years of market activity. At the end of last year, BSCA - Brazilian Association of Special Coffees formatted an agreement with the SCA - Specialty Coffee Association, which is the worldwide barista entity and allowed SCA certified courses to be taught in Brazil by partner entities. Today Lucca has a fully equipped laboratory to host all SCA certified courses, with four qualified instructors, who are called AST`s - Authorized SCA Instructors, to teach courses in the areas of Barista Skills, Brewing, Sensory Skills and Roasting .

The first Fundamental Roasting Course was taught by our AST Georgia, with a crowded group of eight students from the four corners of the country: Fortaleza / CE, Ribeirão Preto / SP, Curitiba / PR, União da Vitória / PR and Florianópolis / SC . This shows an important tendency for professionals to be seeking world-class, high-level technical training.

The Fundamental Roasting Course ((Roasting Foundation) covers essential aspects for the formation of a roasteing master. In the pictures, the students appear receiving the theoretical part in the SCA world format. See more information in the course of roasting in the link Fundamental Roasting Course.

For the Fundamental Roasting Course, it is a prerequisite to have completed the Introduction to Coffee Course, which is part of the SCA program. For knowledge of the basic concepts of coffee is essential. Another important point is that the students master their coffee tasting, which refers to the Sensory Skills Course, because all the roasts that the students make in the course are sensorially evaluated in a cupping.

Several roasting points are executed in the course. Each group of students roasts a type of coffee with various curves and roast points. Sensory evaluation is done in the dark so the coffee tonality does not interfere in the judgment. The red light is the same as used in old photographic laboratories, because the low frequency of the red color does not allow the identification of other colors.

Below is the Fundamental Roasting Course SCA, for an end-of-course photo in the dark and natural light.

The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Coffee Skills Program is a full-time barista training program. There are five specialties – Barista (espresso and drinks with milk), Brewing (filtered coffees), Sensory Skills, Roasting and Green Coffee – offered in three levels – Fundamental, Intermediate and Professional.

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