Rio Brilhante x Lucca – Exercising the 4th Wave of Coffee

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abril 8, 2017
On the Threshold of the Fourth Wave of Coffee
abril 9, 2017

Some opportunities always make a difference for businesses and especially for people. The harvest year 2016/2017 was very special for Rio Brilhante Coffee of Origin.

Count with the natural benefits makes all the difference when the end result depends mainly on what the land offers us. Located in the Cerrado Mineiro Region, with an altitude of approximately 1100 meters, marked by a mild climate and well defined seasons, perfectly favorable for coffee production, by the way, the farms of the Rio Brilhante brand, under the care of the Urban Family, literally reaped excellent results. With innovative and targeted processes, added to the efforts of the team involved in the work, we had several special lots, of the most diverse varieties, expressing an original and authentic Brazilian coffee. With our main seal of quality, Cerrado Mineiro, we had a lot that gained greater prominence making the whole Rio Brilhante team filled with pride.

From the variety Catuaí 62 (yellow), processed in a natural way, this lot was a great achievement, as it opened the doors to contests and guaranteed notoriety of the coffees produced on the farm. But how can we name such a special moment for Rio Brilhante? We needed to name this lot because we knew its importance and because it was very special, deservin a name of weight. A tribute to someone who collaborated freely with our processes and performance, which inspired us to produce more and more always giving priority to quality. It was then that we decided to present the lot that would bring us so much recognition as GEORGIA.

During the production of this coffee we had a huge involvement to understand the best conditions that would result in the best drink. Almost a special care to find the perfect cup. The one that when taken would make you want to always want a little more. After a manual harvest of the best grains, in the cherry state, this coffee stayed for 13 days in a yard, with daily and constant revolving. As soon as the sun came out and dried the dew every morning, Mr. Donizete entered, just one of many protagonists in this story, who with all his speed and dedication stirred the coffee and put it in thicker layer until it reached the ideal spot. The Georgia Coffee resyed for 45 days, in big bag, in the store of the farm. The smell of the coffee was impressive, ripe and sweet.

We waited anxiously during the quarantine, until the coffee was benefited and finally tasted. We understand that everything done with love and care for the coffee is returned by the fruit. The Georgia coffee has earned us the finalista position in several quality competitions, guaranteeing us the 1st place in the Cerrad Coffee contest, held in Japan. For the next harvest, Rio Brilhante already works tirelessly to ensure that the "Georgia" quality achieved with so much work and dedication can be achieved again, enabling other coffee lovers to enjoy an original drink of the Cerrado and to understand why our coffee has history and our flavor has memory.

by Glauber Queiroz from the Farroupilha Group

A new term is forming in the world of specialty coffees: the 4th Wave. The influence of the roaster / barista on post-harvest processes is already a reality.

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