Cup of Excellence Brazil 2016 – Top Ten Naturals & Pulped Naturals

Coffee Hunting 2016/17 – Ficafé 2016 – International Fair of Special Coffees of the Northern Pioneer of Paraná
fevereiro 13, 2017
Afonso Lacerda From Forquilha do Rio Farm – Second Harvest Bought By Lucca
fevereiro 13, 2017

In Jacarezinho, Northern Pioneer of Paraná, the champions of the Cup of Excellence 2016 were announced in the categories Naturals and Pulped Naturals (peeled cherry) during the closing party of the event. Many producers were looking forward to the outcome, such as Henrique Cambraia from Samambaia Farm and leader of Sancoffees, who won in the Natural category with one of his partners, producer Homero Aguiar Paiva, from Guabiroba Farm, in Santo Antônio do Amparo. Afonso Lacerda, from Serra do Caparaó, our former partner was also present at the event. This year the event was sponsored by Capricorn Coffees, giving a show of competence and organization.

In Jacarezinho-PR, Northern Pioneer of Paraná, on October 29th, the 10 best coffee microlots in the Natural and Peeled Cherry categories were announced.

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