IV Cerrado Mineiro Coffee Quality Competition – Awards

Team Barinas in a Campaign at Lucca
fevereiro 13, 2017
Jorge Ricardo From Sumidouro Farm of Piatã
fevereiro 27, 2017

The Federation of Coffee Growers of Cerrado Mineiro, now IG - Geographical Indication, the IV Cerrado Mineiro Region Award. This year's awards showcases innovations and a broadening of business opportunities for a greater number of producer finalists.

The values of the first three places of each category will be as follows: first place will receive R$ 1,800.00 per bag; the second R$ 1,400.00 and the third R$ 1,200.00 being the lot of 20 bags. Lots ranked 4th to 25th will go to auction. Each producer can participate with one lot per category by state registration and has from August 1 to September 9, 2016 to send their samples.

Lucca bought with the first three places in the microlot category of natural coffees and also in the category of peeled cherry coffees. The Awards Party is a great fraternization between us buyers and producers. In the photos below, the joy of sharing the privilege of being able to toast these rare microlots with friends and partners. With the Naimeg family, Marcio Borges Casto Alvas of Barinas Farm, Ana Cecília and Lúcio Veloso of São Luiz Estate Coffees, Glauber and Márcio of Rio Brilhante Farm, Warley taster of Barinas Farm, Serginho the President of the Federation and with his friend pra. Dr. Flávio Borém.

At the awards ceremony of the 4th Coffee Quality Competition of the Cerrado Mineiro Region, microlots of each category, Natural and Cherry Peeled, were announced. Great opportunity to share the excitement and pride of the producers at this special moment.

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