Coffee Hunting – Divinolândia / SP

Cafuso 2015 Quality Competition – Espírito Santo Mountains
fevereiro 11, 2017
Cup of Excellence Brazil Naturals 2015/2016
fevereiro 11, 2017

We were lucky to get to know the micro region of Divinolândia, in the interior of São Paulo, embedded in a branch of the Serra da Mantiqueira, in the region of Mogiana Paulista. Soil very fertile, altitudes around 1,200 m, and dry climate during the harvest phase. These conditions favored a very particular system of natural coffee processing, dried very slowly directly on concrete terraces. Almost without the use of dryers. This process generates a very fruity coffee with high sweetness. The natural acidity of the altitude, enters to balance and enhance the flavors of the late harvest. Thus, very differentiated microlots are obtained, with high scores in the cuppings.

Our host, the producer Francisco Sergio Lange, told us that this process has been practically unchanged for over 150 years, since the arrival of the first colonizing families. In order to guarantee the high scores that the coffees reaches in quality contests, a highly technological installation for the renewal of the coffees comes into action. Aprod, an association of producers, obtained investments to build a shed and equipment, including a "3 D" electronic, one of the most modern in Brazil. All of this is shared by approximately 50 partners of Aprod, all practicing family farming. Almost all now, in the search for the production of enhanced microlots.

It was a great opportunity for Lucca to get to know the region, taste the coffees and garantee a microlot, which is sure to be one of the highlights of the coffee of the year.

This time the destination was Divinolândia, a very private municipality of Mogiana, with microlots of very frutty natural mountain coffee!

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