Coffee Hunting – Alto do Caparaó – Forquilha do Rio Farm

Coffee Hunting – Espírito Santo – Zuccon
julho 9, 2017
Breads of Natural Fermentation by Eduardo Freire
julho 9, 2017

Camila had still not known the Upper Caparao region. Luckily this year's Aeropress Championship was in the region. I could not miss visiting our old friend and partner Afonso Lacerda and family. Camila was enchanted with the region, with the natural beauty and the people there. The region breathes coffee. A peculiarity of the Forquilha do Rio Farm .

This coffee, from Forquilha do Rio, was used by Camila in the Brazilian Championship of Brewers, which won the title of Brazilian Champion. At the World Cup, which took place in Budapest in Hungary, Camila also used the same coffee. The lot is what they call March Flowering, a super late harvest, due to the long maturation of the fruit, induced by the low temperatures of the high mountains. The promise of a new microlot for our shop was signed, because our coffee lovers/customers do not accept being without this magnificent coffee.

Named the winner of Coffee of the Year at the International Coffee Week in 2016, Forquilha do Rio Farm has been accumulating quality trophies over the years. Five years ago the Lacerda family decided to invest in equipment to produce special coffee, and since then they have stood out in the region.

The farm has a very private terroir in Alto do Caparaó, located between Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais. The property is ran by Onofre Lacerda and his sons Afonso, ?, ?. All the Family gets involved in the process and coffee production is already passing to the third generation, Onofre's grandchildren are already beginning to get a taste for coffee.

The entire harvest is done manually, as the relief is very mountainous - and creates wonderful views of the coffee plantations.

Taking advantage of the trip to the Aeropress Championship, held in Alto Caparaó, Camila and Carolina could not fail to visit our friends and partners Afonso Lacerda and family. Already thinking about the microlots of this harvest.

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