Yuki Minami from Fazenda Olhos D’água Heads Cuppings At Lucca

First Brazilian Coffee Roasting Championship
setembro 30, 2017
Caparaó Jr by Prof. Pavasi
setembro 30, 2017

Yuki Minami, from Fazenda Olhos d`Agua, presented several lots of special coffees from the harvest this year, for Lucca customers. The farm is from the Region of Cerrado Mineiro, and was National Winner of COE - Cup of Excellent in 2016 in the Natural category.

The property is 1,150m high, and produces predominantly natural cafes. The cultivated varieties are Yellow Catuaí, Red Catuaí, Novo Mundo and Catucai.

Yuki's Grandfather began to grow coffee in the region of Assaí in Paraná in 1940. In 1975 the family migrated to Cerrado Mineiro, to the county of São Gotardo, where they maintain the activity until today. The three generations of the Family are producing specialty coffees.

Yuki spoke of the farm, the saga of the family and the characteristics of its coffees to the coffee lovers of the Lucca. Many questions were asked about the processes used by Minami in the attention on lots. Yuki gave a lesson of processes to the connoisseurs.

Camila also had the opportunity to know the property in Cerrado Mineiro. The cycle of coffee hunting and tasting of microlots of special coffees conducted with the presence of the producer has been repeated countless times in the Lucca.

Yuki Minami from Fazenda Olhos d’Água conducts lecture and cuppings for lovers of specialty coffees at Lucca.

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