Naimeg Family of Pântano Farm from Cerrado Mineiro

Coffee Hunting 2016/17 – Cerrado Mineiro – Naimeg Specialty Estate Coffee
fevereiro 11, 2017
Coffee Hunting 2016/17 – Cerrado Mineiro – São Luiz Estate Coffee
fevereiro 11, 2017

The Naimeg family was in weight at Lucca to present many microlots of the harvest. Jorge Fernando presented an institutional video with beautiful images of property and crops. Then he conducted cuppings for appreciators invited by Lucca.

The route of the coffee culture in the Naimeg family began in 1965 by the patriarch, Gerson Naimeg, still in the North of Paraná. After the great frost of 1975 the family migrated to Cerrado Mineiro. Today, with a privileged terroir, and with the impulse to search for quality, the family has stood out in the quality contests in Brazil

Jorge Fernando, and the brothers Gerson and Mario, have been tasting coffees with Lucca customers who are fond of specialty coffees. Several microlots have been sampled. See more.

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