Maristela of the São Francisco Ranch from Tomazina at Lucca

Coffee Hunting 2017/18 – São Francisco Farm
dezembro 10, 2017
Coffee Hunting 2017/18 – Forquilha do Rio
dezembro 10, 2017

To close the cycle, Maristela and her family went to introduce the microlot champion to Lucca´s coffee lovers and customers. Maristela was accompanied by her husband Valdeir and her children. Everyone told us in details about how this special microlot was produced.

The specialty coffee microlot was the Champion in the Paraná State Contest in 2017 and was also the National Winner of the 2017 Cup of Excellence Pulped Natural (Peeled Cherry), with no less than 88 points.

This coffee from the São Francisco Ranch has a chocolate and vanilla aroma, cherry and wine flavor, silky body, tartaric acidity and honey sweetness. A coffee genuinely from the state of Paraná that stands out among so many microlots of Brazilian specialty coffees!

To complete the cycle, Maristela and family went to Lucca in Curitiba to conduct a tasting with customers and coffee enthusiasts.

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