Jorge Ricardo From Sumidouro Farm of Piatã

IV Cerrado Mineiro Coffee Quality Competition – Awards
fevereiro 13, 2017
Producer: the 4 Keys to Success in Agriculture
abril 8, 2017

Jorge Ricardo from Sumidouro Farm, from Piatã, Bahia, conducted a commented tasting for invited guests of Lucca. It was a deepening experience of an already known terroir by our customers. This time the novelty was due to a microlot that we acquired from natural coffee.

Piatã is in the Chapada Diamantina, a rock formation that forms a great plateau, with mild temperatures during the day and cold at night. The coffees of the region are cultivated around 1,200m altitude, resulting in a lively acidity balanced by a sweetness also very evident.

This time it was Jorge Ricardo, producer of special coffees of Piatã, in the Chapada Diamantina in Bahia. Piatã always offers us amazing coffees. This time a natural coffee, something not very common for the region.

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