Francisco Guimarães from Quinta dos Guimarães / Cerrado Mineiro II

Breads of Natural Fermentation by Eduardo Freire
julho 9, 2017
Gabriel Nunes from Freitas Farm at Lucca
setembro 30, 2017

Francisco Guimarães, from Quinta de Guimarães Farm, from Serra do Salitre in the Cerrado of Minas Gerais, was conducting a tasting of his specialty coffee microlots from the 2017/2018 harvest for Lucca's guests. Francisco told a little of the saga of the Guimarães family and also about the particular characteristics of the terroir of the farm, which lies on the slopes of the Serra do Salitre.

These meetings between producers and cofee lovers have been very interesting, both for the connoisseurs, who always gain more knowledge about the cafes they enjoy, as well as the producers, who have the opportunity to hear from the final consumers their comments about the cafes.

Francisco Guimarães came for the second time to make a small presentation about the company’s new branding, Quinta de Guimarães, and also to bring the first samples of coffee from the harvest, for a tasting with the coffee geeks of Lucca.

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