julho 16, 2018

Wheat Hunting – Moageira Irati – Paraná

The approach of a baker who adopts the concept of natural fermentation “sourdough” with a Brazilian mill is unprecedented! This exchange could be the beginning of […]
fevereiro 24, 2018

Eduardo Freire Visits the Belarina Mill

Eduardo Freire, visits our main flour supplier, the Belarina Mill, in Curitiba. The one who received Eduardo was Patricia Klein, responsible for the quality control of […]
outubro 28, 2017

Bold Bake, Not Burnt!

The natural fermentation breads follow their own logic. The appearance of the shell is always appetizing, caramelized, shiny, but some parts appear burnt. Find out why!
julho 9, 2017

Breads of Natural Fermentation by Eduardo Freire

Coffe and bread! A new partnership emerges with a convergent concept to that of specialty coffees. Now natural fermentation breads, also known as “sourdough” are made […]