abril 2, 2018

Fergap Roasting Control System

The Fergap digital roasting control system was created and developed by the engineer Fernando Biscay along with Georgia to meet the demands of our roasting master. […]
março 12, 2018

Coffee Skills Program – Courses With SCA International Certification

The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Coffee Skills Program is a full-time barista training program. There are five specialties – Barista (espresso and drinks with milk), Brewing […]
março 10, 2018

Who Says It’s Special?

An approach to training and the necessity for baristas with coffee knowledge in coffee shops, brought by Edgar Martins.
dezembro 20, 2017

The Largest Coffee Hunting of Microlots in Brazil

It is not only the consumption of specialty coffees that is increasing in Brazil. The quality is also skyrocketing. Today Lucca has seven microlots above 90 […]
dezembro 10, 2017

Coffee Hunting 2017/18 – V Cerrado Mineiro Quality Competition

For the fifth consecutive year, Lucca buys the Champion microlots of the Cerrado Mineiro Quality Competition. This year with several coffees above 90 points!
setembro 30, 2017

The Federal Institute of Machado and the Coffee Quality Contests

See the story of Prof. Leandro Paiva of the Federal Institute of the South of Minas, Machado campus, and the support he had on the quality […]
setembro 30, 2017

New Lucca Menu by Celso and Gabriela Freire

Now Lucca has the menu of tartines, soups and sandwiches signed by the renowned chefs Celso and Gabriela Freire.
setembro 30, 2017

Caparaó Jr by Prof. Pavasi

On a visit to Lucca, Prof. Pavesi tells us a little about the proposal of Caparaó Jr. Learn more about this interesting proposal.
setembro 30, 2017

First Brazilian Coffee Roasting Championship

BSCA with the support of Lucca Special Coffees and Probat, held the first Brazilian Roasting Championship of the WCE
abril 8, 2017

Producer: the 4 Keys to Success in Agriculture

Original text by Ana Cecíla Velloso * for the Spudge blog. * Ana Cecilia is a producer in Cerrado Mineiro and passionate about coffee. The Velloso […]
fevereiro 4, 2017

Carolina Certified as Q Grader

Carolina after being a two-time Brazilian Cup Taster winner and fourth in the world championship, has now achieved the “Q” Grader certification.
fevereiro 4, 2017

Workshop at Probat-werke in Emmerich, Germany

Lucca was presented with a day of roasting workshop at Probat’s headquarters in Emmerich, Germany.
janeiro 11, 2017

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