Fourth Wave

março 11, 2018

Georgia´s Creature – a Custom Made Coffee!

Marco Cravo, producer of specialty coffees from the Northern Pioneer of Paraná, from Pilar Farm, delivers the first Obatã microlot made by an exclusive process developed […]
dezembro 19, 2017

Autoral Coffee Project | Cerrado Mineiro

The Autoral Coffee Project was developed by the Federation of Coffee Growers of Cerrado in partnership with Sebrae with the idea of connecting coffee shops and […]
abril 9, 2017

On the Threshold of the Fourth Wave of Coffee

How can we describe a new movement in the specialty coffee sector that joins the extremes of the coffee chain? Can Brazil be the main protagonist […]
abril 8, 2017

Rio Brilhante x Lucca – Exercising the 4th Wave of Coffee

A new term is forming in the world of specialty coffees: the 4th Wave. The influence of the roaster / barista on post-harvest processes is already […]