Coffee farmers and Consumers meeting

fevereiro 24, 2018

Lucio e Ana Cecília da São Luiz Estate Coffees visitam o Lucca

Lucio and Ana Cecília Veloso, producers of specialty coffees from São Luiz Estate Coffees conduct cupping in Curitiba for connoisseurs in the Lucca laboratory.
dezembro 10, 2017

Maristela of the São Francisco Ranch from Tomazina at Lucca

To complete the cycle, Maristela and family went to Lucca in Curitiba to conduct a tasting with customers and coffee enthusiasts.
setembro 30, 2017

Yuki Minami from Fazenda Olhos D’água Heads Cuppings At Lucca

Yuki Minami from Fazenda Olhos d’Água conducts lecture and cuppings for lovers of specialty coffees at Lucca.
setembro 30, 2017

Gabriel Nunes from Freitas Farm at Lucca

Gabriel Nunes from Freitas Farm of the Cerrado Mineiro does coffee tasting for passionate consumers at Lucca.
setembro 30, 2017

Francisco Guimarães from Quinta dos Guimarães / Cerrado Mineiro II

Francisco Guimarães came for the second time to make a small presentation about the company’s new branding, Quinta de Guimarães, and also to bring the first […]
fevereiro 27, 2017

Jorge Ricardo From Sumidouro Farm of Piatã

This time it was Jorge Ricardo, producer of special coffees of Piatã, in the Chapada Diamantina in Bahia. Piatã always offers us amazing coffees. This time […]
fevereiro 13, 2017

Team Barinas in a Campaign at Lucca

Tiago and Warley shared information and showed 2016/17 lots to the coffee lovers at Lucca. Then, Marcio Borges Castro Alves visited us. André from Aterradinho Farm […]
fevereiro 13, 2017

Francisco Guimarães From Quinta dos Guimarães of Cerrado Mineiro

Francisco Guimarães, his father Adauto and his mother Beatriz visited Lucca and also conducted a tasting with a group of customers who appreciate special coffees. See […]
fevereiro 13, 2017

Afonso Lacerda From Forquilha do Rio Farm – Second Harvest Bought By Lucca

Afonso Lacerda, his father, Cecilia and Ricardo, all from the producing region of Serra do Caparaó, participated in an event that included tasting of microlots and […]
fevereiro 12, 2017

Luiz Roberto Saldanha from Capricórnio Coffees

Our friend and former partner Luiz Roberto Saldanha Rodrigues from Capricórnio Coffees and also California Farm, from the Northern Pioneer of Paraná, was at Lucca presenting […]
fevereiro 12, 2017

Ivone and Edmar Zuccon From Santa Clara Farm

This year we received a visit of Ivone and Edmar Zuccon from Santa Clara Farm, located in Brejereba, a region known as the Mountains of Espirito […]
fevereiro 11, 2017

Naimeg Family of Pântano Farm from Cerrado Mineiro

Jorge Fernando, and the brothers Gerson and Mario, have been tasting coffees with Lucca customers who are fond of specialty coffees. Several microlots have been sampled. […]
fevereiro 11, 2017

Farroupilha Group Staff Doing Barista Courses in Lucca

Noé, Erika, Glauber and all the staff of the Rio Brilhante Farm, from the sectors of production, tasting, quality control, commercial and marketing, went out to […]
fevereiro 10, 2017

Marco Antoni Cravo of the Pilar Farm from the Pioneer North of Paraná

Marco Cravo from Pilar Farm, from the municipality of Cornélio Procópio, of the Pioneer North of Paraná has been countless times tasting their special coffees with […]