Daterra Coffee Race 2015

Experience In the Origin of Cerrado Mineiro
fevereiro 11, 2017
Coffee Hunting – Cerrado Mineiro – Micro Swamp Region / Patos de Minas-mg
fevereiro 11, 2017

Daterra hosted champion baristas for the second consecutive year. Six baristas, finalists of world championships, were invited to participate in a different and interactive competition. The baristas had a week, to get to know varieties of coffees even before the harvest. The coffee was ripe and ready to be picked. In addition to the varieties of coffees, the baristas got to know the druing processes, and classification. The goal, after recognition, is to make the entire coffee process. Each one had to choose the variety, dry, process and finalize the nano batch. The samples of each barista were tasted and the best coffee won the Coffee Race.

Guess who won? Carolina Franco, Lucca´s barista!

Carolina and Eduardo were invited, along with other baristas from several countries, to participate in a Coffee Race, a fun competition among baristas. It was up to the barista to choose the field, harvest the coffee and make the processing of his choice. Carolina was the champion!

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  1. Georgia disse:

    Carolina lindaaaa!

  2. Anônimo disse:

    Carolina linda!!!

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