Brazilian Championships of Barista, Latte Art And Coffee In Good Spirits – 2012

Brewers World Championship 2012 – Vienna
fevereiro 7, 2017
Latte Art World Championship 2012 – Seoul / South Korea
fevereiro 7, 2017

In the 7th Brazilian Coffee Space, took place: the 12th Brazilian Barista Championship, the 5th Latte Art Championship and the 5th Coffee in Good Spirits. Lucca was represented by baristas Graciele Rodrigues and Igor Salles. Graciele was champion of Barista and Latte Art and also obtained the 3rd place in the Coffee in Good Spirits.
Lucca is the most awarded brand in Brazil.
In national events, Lucca today has 9 Brazilian Champions. Below, photos of Graci and Igor competing, the wonderful lattes of Graciele and the awards. Images also of the Lucca coffees, shown in the stand of BSCA - Brazilian Association of Special Coffees.
Illustrious visitors such as current World Champion Raul Rodas from Guatemala and Antonio Villalobos from Lucca Chile followed the competition and visited our booth. Marcos, Felipe and Daniel Croce were also present at the event.

Graciele Rodrigues from Lucca Special Coffees, won, in an unprecedented way, the 1st place in Barista, 1st place in Latte Art and 3rd place the Coffee in Good Spirits.

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